At Wickshire Group, we operate using the Value Add Platform, or VAP.

The backbone of the VAP is a combination of strategies and tactics customized to an individual project’s needs. Outlined below are some of the programs that Wickshire utilizes based upon historical success.

Land Program Management (LPM):

This program provides the base information necessary to evaluate land, development and construction related assets. LPM is a proprietary program of Wickshire and is specifically tailored to project requirements.

Site Development and Marketing Plan (SMP):

Based upon completion of the LPM, our team begins the process to identify target points to maximize absorption and profitability. This is a creative and innovative process focusing on current marketing information and future expectations as well as business and demographic trends. This program can be adapted for multiple conditions, including when an asset has been stalled by market conditions or requires overhauling to accelerate absorption in a slower market.

Contracting Analysis Program (CAP):

This process begins once a project has been analyzed and marketing plans have been determined. Wickshire goes through a detailed bidding process with independent contractors. Each contractor is carefully selected based upon their quality, financial strength, and business reputation. CAP ensures strict adherence to all state and federal regulatory compliance requirements, fair housing compliance, fair debt collection practices, and FCC regulations. It stringently monitors association finances, budgeting, assessment collection, re-serves analysis, and insurance coverage.

Execution Reporting System (PES):

Wickshire believes that the key to ensuring success on a project is instituting a comprehensive monitoring program that focuses on the project’s fundamental metrics. This monitoring is a critical component that allows our team to make immediate adjustments in response to a changing market or project conditions. This program is adapted to each project’s needs and may include reports and analyses performed on a quarterly or annual basis.

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